Playable Characters


Update: all character's weapons video are available ! 

To unlock them, take a look to KH 358/2 Days' webpage.
As you know every characters has their own weapons and limit breaks and depending which weapon they are equiped with, they can have different moves so the comments may be wrong depending how you costumise your character!
Here are every playable characters:

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He’s a great character who works well in practically every situation, but just not all that special. His stats are generally above average, compared to the other members as a whole.







Xemnas' moves:

Xemnas' weapons:


He’s a strategic character, difficult to master at times. Once you learn how to properly use him, he’s the most unique and fun members of Org. XIII. His stats are slightly lower than the other members except in terms of agility, but he’s also got the longest range attack.




Xigbar's moves:

Xigbar's weapons:


He’s one of the first, of many, Org. XIII members with average stats. He is strong alone or in multiplayer but  he is difficult to use.







Xaldin's moves:

Xaldin's weapons:


He’s a good magic user and decent attacker, but not the kind of fighter you’re really use in a single player mission. He is good against flying enemies, because his attacks send the shield flying in an upwards arc, and his magic attacks can sometimes K.O. enemies in one hit.





Vexen's moves:

Vexen's weapons:


He’s slow and bad with magic, but his HP, attack and defense are the best there is. His jumps also seem a bit smaller than other characters. But none of that matters, because he’s the best attacker in the game.








Lexaeus' moves:

Lexaeus' weapons:


Though his HP is the lowest out of all the Org. XIII members, he can work in Mission Mode if you know how to use him. Even though his weapon’s a book, his range isn’t all that bad.











Zexion's moves:

Zexion's weapons:


File:Saïx Days.pngHe’s an incredibly strong offensive fighter but unfortunatly he is slow. Not so great with magic, but he has a good amount of HP.












Saix's moves:

Saix's weapons:


File:Axel Days.PNGHe’s a well rounded character with average stats. Very easy to use, much like Roxas.












Axel's moves:

Axel's weapons:


File:Demyx Days Art.pngHis stats are pretty average and well rounded, much like Roxas’ and Axel’s.













Demyx's moves: 

Demyx's weapons:



File:Luxord Days.pngOne more character with average stats! He’s a great distance fighter, and works well against large groups of enemies. Sadly, his combo is incredibly short (only two attacks).










Luxord's moves:

Luxord's weapons:


File:Marluxia Days.pngHe’s yet another character with average stats. He’s pretty strong, and his scythe has a nice reach to it. He works great in both single and multiplayer missions, and is great against single or multiple enemies.




Marluxia's moves:

Marluxia's weapons:


File:Larxene Days.pngHer HP’s almost as low as Zexion’s, but she’s FAST !












Larxene's moves:

Larxene's weapons:


File:Roxas Days Artwork.PNGHe’s absolutely average in every way. Since you’re playing as him throughout Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, you’ll be completely comfortable using him in Mission Mode. If you’re playing that mode for the first time, or are a KH 358/2 beginner, he’s the character to use.










Roxas' moves:

Roxas' weapons:

Double key blade roxas


You can only be him in mission mode by combining some panels. He is faster and stronger than the "original" roxas.









Double key blade roxas' moves:

Double key blade roxas' weapons:

He has oblivion and oathkeeper.


She is as good as roxas, it is unknown if we will get to play her with the hood (some hacks let you play with the hood but legaly we can't play with the hood on... for now).









Xion's moves:

Xion's weapons:

Hooded xion moves (obtained with hacks):

King Mickey

File:Mickey Cloaked.jpgHis moves makes lots of damages. We don't know if Mr.Wayne Allwine had recorded his voice before dying (we will all miss him)







King mickey's moves:

King mickey's weapons:


File:Blindfoldriku0.jpgHe has good combos attacks, he's a great character to play.












Riku's moves:

Riku's weapons:


File:Kh-sora-model.jpgHe is kind like roxas (well of course roxas is sora's nobodie), his limit break is called ragnarok... sounds familiar ?











Sora's moves:

Sora's weapons:


File:DonaldKH2.jpgHis limit break is fantasia ! Its better to use magic while playing as donald.








Donald's moves:

Donald's weapons:


File:Goofy000.jpgHe can spin on himself, goofy is a funny-to-play character.










Goofy's moves:

Goofy's weapons:

Joke weapons

Joke weapons are only available for the 14 members of the Org.

Their are 2 sets of joke weapons: