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KH 2 Sprites


Big Treasure Chests Computer Screen Winnie the Pooh Misc

KH 358/2 Days Sprites

Overworld Character Textures

Aladdin Axel Barrel Beast Belle Captain Hook Cheshire Cat Cogsworth Demyx Diz Doorknob Finklestein Genie Hayner Heartless Hercules Jack Skellington Jasmine Larxene Lexaeus Lock Lumiere Luxord Marluxia Mickey Moogle Namine Olette Other Textures Pence Pete Philoctetes Queen of Hearts Riku Roxas Saix Shock Smee Soldier Tinkerbell Troop (Heart) Troop (Spade) Vexen White Rabbit Xaldin Xemnas Xigbar Xion Zexion

In-Battle Textures

Axel In-Battle Demyx In-Battle Donald In-Battle Goofy In-Battle Larxene In-Battle Lexaeus In-Battle Luxord In-Battle Marluxia In-Battle Mickey In-Battle Riku In-Battle Roxas In-Battle Saix In-Battle Sora In-Battle Vexen In-Battle Xaldin In-Battle Xemnas In-Battle Xigbar In-Battle Xion In-Battle Zexion In-Battle


Agrabah Beast's Castle Castle Oblivion Halloween Town Neverland Olympus Coliseum The World That Never Was Traverse Town Twilight Town Wonderland


Battle Portraits Command Menu Mugshots Panels

KH CoM Sprites

Main Characters

Aladdin Ariel Beast Casual Goofy Donald Duck Extra Mickey Goofy Jack Peter Pan Riku Sora The King

Organization XIII

Axel Diz Larxene Lexeus Marluxia Marluxia Dusk Unknown Vexen Zexion


Air Pirate Air Soldier Aquatank Bandit Barrel Spider Black Fungus Blue Rhapsody Bouncywild Captain Hook Card of Hearts Card of Spades Creeper Plant Crescendo Dark Ball Darkside Defender Fat Bandit Gargoyle Green Requiem Guard Armor Hades Jafar Jafar Genie Large Body Maleficent Neo-Shadow Oogie Boogie Parasite Cage Powerwild Red Nocturne Screwdiver Search Ghost Shadow Soldier Tornado Step Trickmaster Ursula White Mushroom Wizard Wyvern Yellow Opera

Friendly Characters

Aeris Alice Belle Cid Dr. Finkelstein Eeyore Flounder Geppetto Hercules Jasmine & Iago Jiminy Cricket Kairi Leon Moogle Namine Owl Philoctetes Piglet Pinocchio Rabbit Roo Sally Sebastian Selphie The Cheshire Cat The Queen of Hearts The White Rabbit Tidus Tigger Wakka Wendy Winnie the Pooh Yuffie


Bambi Cloud Dumbo Genie Mushu Simba Tinkerbell


Aladdin Ansem Captain Hook Donald Duck Jafar Mugshots Maleficent


100 Acre Wood Event Rooms Agrabah Event Rooms Atlantica Atlantica Event Rooms Battle Backgrounds Between-World Rooms Boss Backgrounds Destiny Island Event Rooms Halloween Town Halloween Town Event Rooms Monstro Event Rooms Neverland Event Rooms Olympus Colosseum Olympus Colosseum Event Rooms Traverse Town Traverse Town Event Rooms Trilight Town Event Rooms Wonderland Wonderland Event Rooms


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