The following websites are the best KH Websites ever !


Link to us: if you want your site to be our partner, put one of our logo on your sidebar (or homepage) with a link to this website (so if someone clicks on the logo, a page will open to his website).

Solution N*2 is to add a link without any logos (some websites doesn't like logos so choose one of these "options") Of course, the link must be on the sidebar or on the homepage ! 

Then send me a message if you want your website in the "support" section.

Rules:-the website must talk about video games or disney stuffs

         -no bloody/violent websites

         _no pornographic websites

          -no racisme websites

Note: even if you follow the following rules, I might not put your website in "support",

Note2: It may take some time before I add your website in the "support" section

Thank you,


Logos: (insert one of these logos in your sidebar)

(Edit: more logos are coming)


Partner(s): -Sonicfanground

                -KH island


Support:  -KH ultimedia*

              -KH Destiny*

              -KH wiki*

              -KH insider*


*These websites didn't put "KH Fate" in "Support".